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If you’re one for local radio stations, you may have stumbled across the Peterborough pop-angel that is Maria Marr.

Maria is continuing to rise to pop-fame as we stumble across new singles and local success of this singer-songwriter and we can expect much more over this year, with gigs around the city and potential new music.

“When I play locally, I sing covers as well as original songs and I always try to adapt my playlist to the audience,” Maria told ESP.

‘Forget About It’ is the latest release from the singer, being played on BBC Introducing Cambs over the past couple of months, after  ‘What I Missed in Class’ received rave reviews and was chosen for ‘Pick of the Uploader’ by BBC Introducing.

“When it comes to original songs, I play songs from my very first recorded single 11 years ago, the my latest releases. This is to show the journey of my music.”

Catch a live performance this summer at The Queen’s Head in Peterborough on August 17 and The Pizza Parlour and Music Café on September 9. Be one of the first to get a glimpse of what this talented musician is bringing to the area.

For more information or to listen to Maria’s music, visit Her music can also be found on streaming platforms.

Chloe Wilkinson


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