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Popular breakfast show host Kev Lawrence has returned to the airwaves in the city starting his new week at PCRfm.

The former Hereward, Lite FM, Heart and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire morning host has been waking up city residents since the late 90s.

PCRfm launched in April 2017 pledging to keep radio ‘local’ with all the news, travel and information for the city, as well as listing various events that are happening in the area. The station’s been delighted to have secured Kev as their new breakfast show host marking fresh changes in the station’s programming.

ESP caught up with Kev to see how his first show went with PCRfm.

“It felt great to be back on air across the city of Peterborough. I was pretty nervous on the first show – but it all went well.

“I’d like to thank all the callers we’ve had on already (ultimately it’s all about getting listeners on the air and reflecting people’s lives.) We want to be a breakfast show that’s interactive – whether on the phone or connecting vie social media.

“And we’ve got plans for so many big Peterborough conversations in the coming weeks.”

Kev Lawrence PCR FM. Picture by Terry Harris.

Kev’s returned to Peterborough broadcasting on Peterborough City Radio from Herlington after a year on breakfast at the BBC. It’s a return to a format he’s familiar with and Kev told ESP he’s excited to see what they can achieve for the city.

“Playing loads of music again felt a bit different. The breakfast show on the BBC was mostly about covering news stories. So to be given the freedom to play so many great songs was awesome. Getting the music choice right, first thing in the morning, can really help set people’s moods for the day. Rocking out to the likes of Justin Timberlake while eating your breakfast or cleaning your teeth is kind of where we want to be on PCR.

“So far so good technically – I haven’t pressed any wrong buttons yet! The PCR studio is pretty different to the BBC and Heart studios – but I’m sure after a few weeks I’ll be confident.

“I read a quote once that’s always stuck in my head, and it felt appropriate at the end of my first show – ‘Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better’.”

Head of Programming at PCR 103.2fm, Chris Tibbles added – “It is so good to have Kev back on breakfast across the city in which he belongs – Peterborough! He had an aim to bring back local and already he has spoken to various people about issues around Greater Peterborough. Our breakfast show has never managed to achieve that in the past so this is great for PCR and the city.”

You can tune in on 103.2fm, weekday mornings from 7am.

Photos: Terry Harris


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