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Check into Peterborough’s Departure Lounge after partying this New Year!

The Peterborough Departure Lounge returns this year, offering care and support to city centre revellers.

The Lounge will be in its new location in front of Bayard Place in Broadway, Peterborough. Open on December 31 between 10pm and 4am staff will offer a refreshments, advice and practical help getting home.

Cambridgeshire Police, Peterborough City Council and nursing staff will be on hand to ensure partygoers end their celebrations with a safe, planned and successful journey home, without any unexpected turbulence.

Robin Sissons, safer stronger strategy manager for Peterborough City Council, said: “The Departure Lounge was a great success last year.

“The new style departure lounge wants to ensure that a good night out in our vibrant city centre continues with a safe journey home. The departure lounge will support anyone who needs help organising how to get home. Don’t let alcohol transport you to an unsafe altitude this New Year, help and advice is available at the Peterborough Departure Lounge.”

Councillor Nigel North, cabinet member for communities and environment capital, said: “This facility is a great example of how teams across the city work together. New Year is one of the busiest times of the year so providing this service ensures everyone can have both a fun night out and a safe journey home.

“If you are celebrating New Year in the city centre and your plans on how to get home unexpectedly change then make sure you don’t fly off into the night without checking into the Peterborough Departure Lounge for help and advice.”

Photo: Martin Bird for ESP Magazine


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