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Winter and another lockdown, we all need something to boost our spirits and to look after ourselves. ESP’s Health and Beauty columnist Emily Rawlinson has tips on giving yourself some TLC now the colder days are here…

Winter Nails and Hand Care

Now that Christmas is only next month, I decided it was finally time to pack away my summer gel polishes and crack out my winter faves. Goodbye Mauritius and Hello Burgundy, Navy, Grey and all the glitter…

This week I have gone with Halo Gel Polish in Navy and then Bluesky Luxury Gold on my ring fingers. I love this combination as it’s not the traditional Christmas red but it definitely has that winter, party vibe.

Since the weather took a turn, my hands have been suffering with eczema which comes and goes in flares and I really have to manage it to stop it from getting any worse. To look after my hands I have been using the Farmologie by Childs Farm Hand Cream in Pink Grapefruit. I usually try to stay away from products which contain a lot of fragrance, especially where my eczema is but after seeing that this product was ‘also safe for people who may be prone to eczema’ I thought I would give it a try. So far I am really liking it, the smell is not artificial and it has kept my hands soft and my eczema at bay. It is dermatologist approved, vegan, cruelty free and the packaging is recyclable!

Along with looking after my hands, skincare is as important in the winter as it is in the summer months. You likely won’t need to change your routine much, but if you find that your skin is a little dryer, try swapping your nighttime cream to something thicker or serum based which will sink into the skin and last for longer.

You must keep up with your SPF step in the daytime; this is most important all year round and finally, instead of a cooling under eye cream, again maybe swap for one which will be more moisturising to protect your eyes from the harsh wind and cold. As you can see I am loving CeraVe at the moment and have nearly run out, so if there’s anything you would like me to try and review or you want to give me a recommendation then feel free to drop us a message on Instagram @espmagazine_pbo

With lockdown 2.0 happening in the UK right now, if I learnt anything from the first one it’s that I need to keep taking care of myself like I do when life is ‘normal’.  When I am busy I always find time to do my nails, watch some TV shows with a cup of tea, fake tan and anything else that I find makes me feel better and relaxed.

When you have more time on your hands it can be hard to see the point in doing these things when you’re not really going out or that you have all the time to do it but without a schedule, my day is more difficult and I hate feeling unproductive. I try to keep to my same rough schedule which is fake tanning every Friday, re-do my gel nails every two weeks, a face mask every Sunday night and two evenings in the week where I watch a show and try to stay off of my phone.

Getting Out And About

With this lockdown being during the colder months, I definitely have less motivation to go out in the cold but every time I do go out it makes me feel so much better. I’ve started by walking to the nearby shops more, rather than driving, to get some fresh air and make sure that I don’t go on my phone. Also, instead of running, as for me it’s too cold, I’m walking around Ferry Meadows once a week with an aim of walking over 10k steps.

These small yet achievable goals are good to set for yourself as you know you can do it and you know the great feeling you have after doing it – it’s just getting into the habit.

For more information on wellbeing, check out Karen Devine’s latest column where she reflects on how she coped with lockdown and some approaches you might also take to look after your own mind, body and soul…

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