ESP’s Health and Beauty columnist Emily Rawlinson is back with more tips, tints and a call for a little kindness…

I’ve pulled together some information on some simple makeup looks, an at home lash tint (sounds scary doesn’t it!) and some health and wellbeing to keep you feeling good.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Tutorials

Now I haven’t worn makeup for quite a long time, maybe not since Christmas Day… mainly because I have no reason to, but also I’ve found that I’ve lost my makeup mojo and was in a bit of a rut. I’m still in the process of using what I have got and have just felt uninspired.

That was until I found the Charlotte Tilbury YouTube channel! I personally don’t own anything from Charlotte Tilbury as it’s out of my price range however, I love that their looks are timeless and often quick and effortless.

British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, has over 20 years of experience within the industry and has created a makeup empire which demonstrates looks that everyone can achieve, even if they don’t use her products.

The eye makeup is my favourite as it requires minimum effort and isn’t too technical so even works when you’re in a rush! If you’re looking for some inspiration too then check out the YouTube channel below.

Lash Tinting at Home

Before lockdown I was having my eyelashes lifted and tinted at Alwalton Hall Spa in Peterborough. I love this service as lash extensions can be too dramatic for me and as the glue for the extensions stays on your eyelashes until your lashes naturally grow out, I found that I was getting eczema around my eyes so the lash lift & tint was a good alternative.

Now I am only doing the lash tint part of it at home as lash lifts can be quite difficult and the supplies are more expensive however, the lash tint is super easy and I just curl my lashes in the morning to give them the ‘lift’ effect.

I’ve been using the Coloursport Diva 30 Day Mascara in black, you get just about everything you need in the kit and it’s under £5! There are other brands such as Eylure that do lash and brow tinting and most of them you can find on Amazon if you’re trying to find a specific one. All you need extra is some sort of barrier cream like Vaseline to protect the skin around your eyes from staining, some cotton buds and voila, you have beautifully tinted lashes which make them look longer and like you’ve got a bit of mascara on. Below are my before and afters…

I have naturally thick eyebrows and old microblading so I don’t tend to tint my eyebrows but you can totally do both and it will make you feel so much better if you’re not wearing makeup a lot right now. Have a full on pamper day, lashes, brows, nails and a face mask!

Healthcare services at your fingertips – Superdrug

You may or may not know this but Superdrug offers a few healthcare services via digital means and having this accessibility is important during these times. You may be nervous to physically go to the Doctors or are concerned about something that you don’t physically need checking out and therefore what they offer may be useful.

  1. Superdrug Online Pharmacy* delivering your NHS prescription to your door for FREE.

  2. Superdrug Online Doctor** allows you to have an online consultation, which is reviewed by a private GP to provide you with treatment if appropriate.

  3. Superdrug Video GP^ provides the option of a convenient, virtual video consultation with a private GP offering referrals, fit notes and prescriptions with same day appointments often available.

Remember #BeKind

On Monday 15th February 2021, it was a year since the world sadly lost Caroline Flack. I remember how shocked and upset I was when I found out the news last year, it just shows that no matter how someone may appear to be, they could be dealing with things very differently inside.

Unfollow the social media accounts that can be negative, be kind to yourself and be kind to others. This last year has been hard enough as it is and sometimes just being nice to someone, even just by smiling at them can really change their outlook on their day.


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