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I’m so proud of our city!

Peterborough has produced world-class singers, gymnasts, actors and – as shown in BBC’s The Apprentice – businessmen.

Local lad Joseph Valente beat Vana Koutsomitis in last night’s final to become Lord Sugar’s business partner, securing an investment of £250,000. Joseph will be using that money to expand his plumbing company that already operates here in Peterborough.

His business idea was against a proposed app which combined mobile gaming with online dating.

It was a close competition. For a moment it looked like Lord Sugar was swaying towards the app. He mentioned he had never worked in the service industry and told the finalists, “I like technology. I love technology. That’s what I’ve done all of my business life. And old habits die hard.” After a dramatic pause, he continued, “Technology has been my best friend for over 50 years. But maybe it’s time to make new friends.” And that’s when Valente was announced the winner.


Lord Sugar didn’t make the reasons for his decision particularly clear but my theory is that he sees a lot of himself in the local lad. Sugar even said at one point during the final, “You’ve got more cheek than Kim Kardashian.” I think he admired that.

The ESP team have been rooting for Joey since episode one and we couldn’t be more proud of his win.

Keep an eye out for Pep Cipriano’s article in January’s ESP Magazine – looking back at the winner’s best bits throughout the series – and his full interview with the city’s new star in our February issue.

And be sure to keep checking the ESP website for the latest information on the Apprentice winner and much, much more.

Mikey Clarke

Photos: Boundless


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