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No matter what you DID or what you SAID it’s never OK…

This Valentine’s Day, cupid’s arrow has a very different target in the latest campaign to tackle domestic abuse among young people…

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue

I didn’t mean to lash out,

you know that it’s true.

But I saw you flirting

with your friend last night

So don’t wind me up,

it’s your fault we fight.

Some teenagers look forward to spending Valentine’s Day with their partners; exchanging special gifts and perhaps a romantic meal. For others in relationships it may highlight that all is not well.

We may think that teenagers could never be affected by domestic abuse, but the truth is that it does occur in teenage relationships.  Teenagers who are experiencing abuse can often view it as something to put up with, or will normalise the issue, telling themselves that ‘it’s just the way things are – everyone else is doing it’ or ‘it’s ok’.


The “No matter what…”campaign is designed to raise awareness of domestic abuse with teenagers, asking them to think about how their actions could affect the victim and their families, and what they can do to stop domestic abuse happening.  Teenage domestic abuse can impact any teenager, whether it is happening to them or one of their friends.

Did you know that…

•           At least 1 in 4 teenage girls have experienced abuse by their partners

•           3 in 4 have experienced emotional abuse

•           6.2% of young men aged 16-19 have experienced some kind of domestic abuse

If you need advice or support for domestic abuse in Peterborough call 01733 894455 or go to


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