If panic’s setting in about half term and how to keep the kids amused, Peterborough environmental charity PECT has come up with more activities to download for the holiday.

PECT has expanded its range of learning resources to help enhance children’s understanding of the world around them and have come up with free educational, inspiring and fun activities for all the family.

The charity’s autumn-themed Nature’s School resources aim to bring families together and enable them to discover more about the environment. The resource activities include everything from guides to making a Leaf Lantern, Mini Beast Hotel, Pumpkin Decorating, through to Tree Seed I-Spy and much more.

“Many areas of the country are currently in lockdown, nationwide restrictions are in place, and everyone is looking for alternative ways to entertain and educate their children,” explains PECT’s Environmental Education Lead Heidi Latronico-Ferris. “Here at PECT we are doing our bit to help children and their families try to make sense of it all.”

She continues: “Our local environment is sometimes an unexplored natural resource, often overlooked for its wealth of possibilities, and not always appreciated or looked after as it should be. Take this time to turn that around and discover natural wonders, learn from Nature’s School, and in return protect it for future generations.”

Nature’s School is not just for families – schools, charities and other organisations can also benefit from this resource and use it to create new ways of delivering the curriculum and learning objectives.

To access the resources, simply visit or find PECT on Facebook @SustainablePECT.

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