If you live in Werrington and Gunthorpe there’s free help to get you pedal powered this summer with Dr Bike!

Sustrans is heading to Werrington and Gunthorpe to promote sustainable travel with free bike check ups, bike rides and walks throughout July and August.


Dr Bike will be like an MOT for your bike, to make sure you’re road safe, and will also be able to fix things like punctures and gear cables, or if they’re not able to, they’ll give you a list of what needs fixing so you can take it to the bike shop and know what needs to be done. They’re also offering cycle training to help boost people’s confidence about cycling on roads including sessions on protective riding, (how to ride with children to help protect them). Training is to the national standard and taught by qualified instructors. As part of the confidence building they are also leading bike rides and walks to places like John Clare Cottage and Peakirk.

This will be the beginning of a scheme for sustainable travel, which in the past has been done throughout Peterborough but is now being done on a focused area for longer. Later in the year if you live in the area a canvasser from Sustrans will be knocking on doors to find out what you want to know about sustainable travel and can provide timetables, maps and information on the places you want to go all free of charge.

Summer has brought the perfect weather for cycling and exploring outdoors so make you take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

For more information and dates and locations of Dr Bike see below or go to–free-bike-check-ups–led-rides-

Verity Gibson

Upcoming events:

July 21 – 9am

Emmanel Church

Have your bike checked over then join us for a ride to Clare Cottage @ 11:45am

July 28 9am – 12:00

Brookside Church, Gunthorpe Road

Dr Bike followed by a ride to Peakirk

August 17 – 3pm – 5pm

Village Centre, Werrington

Bring your bike along for a free check up!

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