MTV’s Geordie Shore and savings galore in Queensgate…

The King and Queen of the Geordie Shore house (Gaz and Vicky) came to Queensgate (Thursday October 09) to celebrate the shopping centre’s Student Discount Event – which saw students receiving bargains in almost every store for one night only.


Before their stint on stage, I was fortunate enough to get a few words with the pair. With just an hour to go until they met the crowds I asked how they were feeling. “I’m actually really nervous,” Gaz told me. “I used to get kicked out of lessons at school because I refused to read out loud to the class. People think I’m really confident because I’m on the tele. Yes, there are millions of people watching the show, but those people aren’t sat in the room watching me. I’m going to try and put those fears aside though, and enjoy myself.”

This isn’t the first time they’ve visited our city. Gaz has been to Halo before, and Vicky explained, “I’m in Peterborough a lot. Like Gaz, I’m also a fan of Halo but to be honest, I’m more one for going out to restaurants rather than clubs.” I wondered whether she was recognised much in the city. “A lot of people do a double take,” she said. “But because I’m often in my gym gear and looking scruffy, I think most people conclude it’s not me.”


So, what can we expect from the new series of Geordie Shore? Gaz said, “I’m pleased to say that me and Charlotte are back to having fun. Things have been tense with us during the last few series and we weren’t really talking but we’ve now put our differences aside and are having a good time.” Vicky added, “It’s horrible when people fall out in the house and it’s something that affects everyone.”

Imagine having a bunch of cameras constantly filming you – it must be an odd experience? “You sometimes forget they’re there,” Vicky said. “There are big in-your-face cameras but there are also tiny one’s attached to the walls, and it’s those ones you forget about. And it’s those ones that capture some of the most awkward scenes.” Gaz continued, “A classic example of that is when I once climbed out of the shower and dropped my towel. I thought nothing of it at the time and was mortified watching the footage… you could see everything. And this is a show my mum watches!”


I’m fairly new to Geordie Shore myself, and to be honest, I couldn’t understand many of the phrases. Luckily, Vicky was able to educate me. “Wey aye is a commonly used phrase, meaning yes. Tashin’ On means having a little kiss, and Get Mortal basically means to get drunk.”

Vicky recently lost an incredible 2st 7Ibs. When asked for the secret of her success, she told me – “Unfortunately there is no secret. It was genuinely down to hard work, diet and exercise.” Seeing an opportunity for a plug, she continued – “If any ladies out there would like a little help with their weight loss, my fitness DVD is available to buy.”


Hundreds of fans turned out to see the duo with many getting a personal meet & greet session and of course there were plenty of ‘selfies’ taken! There was a great atmopshere when Vicky and Gaz took to the stage and afterwards students shopped til they dropped at the special discount evening snapping up some great deals at many of the centre’s retailers.

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Mikey Clarke

Photos: Chris Brudenell for ESP Magazine



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