Two years ago, the hysterically funny Bridesmaids won over audiences and proved that women on the big screen can successfully be every bit as crude and politically-incorrect as men.

Director, Paul Feig’s surprise hit was nominated for two Oscars – one of them being for Melissa McCarthy as Best Supporting Actress.

The Heat sees Feig and McCarthy team up once again. This time she plays a crude Boston Cop named Shannon Mullins who’s forced to team up with an uptight FBI Special Agent named Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock).

Together, the pair must try to put aside their differences to take down a ruthless drug lord.


On paper the plot sounds outdated and unoriginal. If you’ve seen one buddy cop movie, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. McCarthy and Bullock have terrific onscreen chemistry in The Heat. It’s a relationship we’ve not seen on screen for a while.

This is not Bullock’s typical role. For that reason I walked into the screening wondering whether she’d come across awkward and clearly out of her comfort zone. I was wrong – it’s a role that was made for her.

This comedy was particularly refreshing to watch as my last trip to Peterborough’s Showcase Cinema was to see The Wolverine. Before that it was Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim and Star Trek. After two months of loud, explosive Blockbusters, a light-hearted comedy flick was needed.

Unfortunately, The Heat is not as funny as Bridesmaids or as well made. It also never quite rises above buddy cop movies such as 21 Jump Street or The Other Guys, but it’s a lot better and funnier than most films that fall into that genre.

Overall, watching 107 minutes of Melissa McCarthy’s larger-than-life personality can be a little tedious at times but credit where credit’s due, I enjoyed this movie and laughed much more than I thought I would.

Mikey Clarke

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, Demian Bichir & Marlon Wayans

Director: Paul Feig

Runtime: 107 mins. [youtube id=”ST16k80bDYE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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