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Michelle Williams shines in this heavily Oscar-nominated character study of how Steven became Spielberg.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t like Spielberg’s work. With classics under his belt such as Jurassic Park, ET, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan and more (much more!) – MOST people will love at least one Spielberg movie.

And if you’re curious to discover how the iconic filmmaker became who he is today, The Fabelmans is for you. This mostly-autobiographical drama focuses on a young boy named Sam Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) and his passion for filmmaking.

Seeing his amateurish – but highly ambitious – movies being created with the help of friends and family had me grinning from ear-to-ear.

And it’s all ‘fun and games’ for a while until his own footage inadvertently reveals a family secret, which turns Sam’s whole world upside down. And with that – as is the case with most coming-of-age movies – we’re reminded of the emotional struggles many youths face when trying to make sense of this crazy thing that is life.

Sam’s mother Mitzi (the Best Actress-nominated Michelle Williams) stole the show for me. A variety of extremely contrasting emotions were demanded from the Brokeback Mountain actress, and she nailed it, making her more than worthy of her nomination.

Speaking of award hype; at the Golden Globes, The Fabelmans won the Best Picture (Drama) prize as well as Best Director for Spielberg. It has now garnered similar Academy Awards nominations, and I can totally see why.

This is certainly not one of Spielberg’s most thrilling movies, nor is it trying to be. The Fabelmans is however the most personal film he’s made – and I for one felt honoured to have been given this glimpse into his past.

The movie may end rather abruptly for some, but that’s okay, because we know what happens next for our leading character... he becomes one of the most famous directors of all-time.

And this is yet another impressive addition to his stellar CV – which is still going strong more than fifty years later.

ESP Rating: 4/5

Mikey Clarke

Showcase Cinema De Lux Peterborough, Out Now

Cast: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Gabriel Labelle, Seth Rogen, Julia Butters & Judd Hirsch

Running Time: 2 Hrs 31 Mins

Director: Steven Spielberg

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