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Despite being fairly generic stuff, this colourful animation still has enough wings for its target demographic.

From the makers of Despicable Me, this likeable tale sees protective mallard Mack (Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani) preventing his young kids – mischievous son Dax and (the stand-out character) lovably naïve daughter Gwen – from venturing away from their New England forest-based pond. Much to the chagrin of his impulsive wife Pam (The Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks), who dreams of seeing more of the world.

But when his family – including Danny DeVito’s Uncle Dan – make the timid Mack change his ways after encountering a flock of migrating ducks en route for Jamaica, he begrudgingly changes his stance.

This ultimately leads to the clan getting involved in several shenanigans along with way, primarily getting embroiled with the stereotypical villain of the piece in New York – a chef with a disturbing desire for ducks to be cooked in his restaurant.

But while the baddie is pretty bland, there’s enough colourfully-vibrant fun to pass away a very short – and somewhat sweet – less than ninety minutes romp.

And ultimately my son enjoyed it, so for half-term this will do the trick – as Migration just about takes flight.


ESP Rating: 3/5 Gavin Miller

ESP Rating: 3.8/5 Joshua Miller (Gavin’s ten-year-old son who added his own input into this review)


Showcase Cinema De Lux Peterborough, Out Now

Voice Cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Caspar Jennings, Tresi Gazal, Keegan-Michael Key, Awkwafina & Danny Devito

Running Time: 1 Hr 23 Mins

Director: Benjamin Renner


Go to for all the latest film information & showtimes at Peterborough’s Showcase Cinema De Lux


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