Fright at the Museum!

Less than just one week ago I was reviewing Midsommar, which was very much a slow burning art-house horror where you really needed to concentrate to fully appreciate the underlying narrative. For those that watch this particular genre for the cheap jump scares (nothing wrong with that!), Midsommar is not your movie. However, Annabelle Comes Home is.

With this being the seventh movie in the Conjuring universe, chances are you already know that the creepy antique doll resides deep in the Warrens’ basement – a museum of haunted and cursed items that they’ve collected over the years. Annabelle lies within a glass case that warns nobody should open it under any circumstances. I can’t help but think something so sinister should be a little more heavily guarded.

This unleashes a variety of demons. Some are interesting and perhaps even worthy or their own stand-alone movie, whilst others you’ll barely remember soon after the credits roll.

For me, Annabelle Comes Home didn’t really feel like a movie, but rather an experience. From a budget point of view, it makes sense to film a horror in one location (in this case, the Warren’s home) but with so much going on in just a few different rooms, it gets repetitive. The format is literally, ‘Cut to one room… jump scare. Cut to next room… jump scare. Repeat.’

It’s a fun ride but there is very little that pushes the actual story forward. Those looking for nothing more than cheap thrills should be satisfied enough. I just wanted more.

ESP rating 2.5/5

Mikey Clarke

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1hr 45mins

Directed By: Gary Dauberman

Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Iseman, Mckenna Grace, Katie Sarife & Michael Cimino.

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