It’s party time so it’s not just your outfit that needs to be glam, your hair needs to make a statement too!


Up-dos are generally a little more casual and messier than they used to be so don’t be too sleek and precise. Use dry shampoo to give your hair more body for bigger bolder looks.

For Becca’s first look (pictured left) the team gave her a vintage wave created with a wand and added a tighter curl on the ends, with the hair curled in two different directions.

For Lauren (pictured below right) the team went for a very different style creating a fresh look for her using braids and curls.


Classic curl GHD tongs were used to create the look and Sebastian Drynamics was used to add texture. Hair was prepped with Shine Define curl holding spray for shine and heat protection.

Plaits are still big for party looks and Lauren’s hair was finished with a braid across the front which was then loosened and pulled out a little, and the crown was back brushed for height.


Even if you have short hair, don’t despair about changing it for a night out – you can still pin it up even if it’s short, or of course add in extensions and hair pieces.

Equally long hair can be transformed into a faux bob like Becca’s hair (pictured below right), where it was pinned up underneath.


If you’ve always wanted to try a bob style but aren’t willing to part with your long locks, steal Becca’s style and fake it.

It’s the bob you’ve always wanted without cutting off your hair and believe it or not it is achievable in a matter of minutes.

Mel explains – “We simply tied the back of the hair in a loose ponytail leaving the front sections out, rolled the pony under and secured with pins. Then using our finger tips we ‘pinched’ out the waves, starting at the ends working our way towards the roots. Once happy with the look, we pinned excess hair to remove any unwanted length and finished with hairspray.”


Melanie Richard’s Hair Boutique can offer party looks from just £14 and throughout December you can add a spray tan for just £10 so you’ll be party ready from top to toe!


Whatever you fancy from fun party looks to sophisticated Hollywood glamour they have all the products and hair pieces to get you ready to step out for your big occasion.

There are Beauty Works hair pieces from £15 – £45, temporary colour hair extensions in 17 different shades, Wella Instamatics pastel colour flashes which are ideal for lighter hair and last for up to 10 washes and there’s even Great Lengths Swarovski crystal strands for £15 – it doesn’t get much more glam than that girls!

Call in to the Melanie Richard’s Hair Boutique at 100 Bridge Street or call 01733 553600.

Models: Beeca Evans, Tori Bradshaw and Lauren Hughes

Photos: Andy Vernum @ Studio One for ESP Magazine

Location: The Bull Hotel Westgate.

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