It’s time to wrap up! ESP’s fashion and style expert, Stamford based personal stylist Karen Miller, brings you her guide to buying a winter coat that flatters your figure and keeps you warm this winter.

Unless you are super organised and bought your winter coat at the end of August (yes this is key coat buying time!) you are no doubt thinking about what winter coat to go for this year.

With all this time spent working from home or in lock down it may be that your lifestyle has changed and you need something more suited to winter walks rather than commuting to the office, either way there are some simple tips that will help you choose a great coat to keep you snug right through to February 2021.

(Lead image: Monsoon, – £165)

Timeless or Trendy?

I always advise my clients to have at least one timeless, classic coat in a neutral colour that can be worn with most items in their wardrobe. If you’re buying for longevity and warmth it’s best to spend a little extra, as the percentage of wool, cashmere or leather tends to be an indicator of warmth and therefore is normally a higher price point (that said you can always layer sweaters under your coat for additional warmth).  Styles that are timeless and can be worn year on year include the trench coat, either belted or flowing, parka style, pea coats and classic military.

If you’ve decided to go for something that’s more fashion forward, there are some great choices on the high street. Some of the key trends for this year include the puffa / quilted coat, minimalist belted coat, checks, leather and PVC trenches.

Brora Houndstooth Coat (left image)  – £495

Barbour International Lineout jacket (right image) – £239

All Saints Leather Coat (left image) – £629.30

Top Shop (right image) – £69.99

Fashion or Function?

An obvious question to ask yourself is what am I going to use the coat for? If it’s mainly country walks and taking the dog to the park, then warmth is going to be a key factor.  If you’re going to be mainly wearing thick sweaters under your coat buying one size bigger is always advisable, not so much if it’s a dress coat that you’ll be wearing for evenings out.

River Island Aviator Coat (left image) – £85

All Saints Coat (right image) – £279

Consider your body shape…

This is one of the main factors to ensure your winter coat is flattering and makes you feel fabulous every time you wear it. If you know your body shape then great, if you’re not sure a useful guide is to think about where the bulk of the coat sits on your body and if you’re happy with how it affects your figure.  You’ll want your coat to skim the parts of your figure you’re not so happy with and highlight the parts you do like.

Here’s a collection of styles that will suit the different body shapes:

The Straight – £199

Good for: If you are tall and have a slim body type, you can carry off a little extra volume and length.

Look for coats with drop shoulders, a long hemline and upscale proportions created by large pockets, collars or sleeves. Avoid this shape if you have a petite figure.

The Tailored Coat – £269.25

A coast that skims rather than clings creates an illusion of length.  Avoid styles that have pockets on the hip which adds bulk and instead choose an ‘a’ line style that ends at the slimmer part of the leg.

The Belted Trench Coat – £89.99

Good for:  Hourglass figures (Balanced proportions and a defined waist) and curvy figures (belted).

A shorter length trench is the best option for petite figures and can be worn with or without the beA classic wardrobe staple (who doesn’t want a Burberry trench in their wardrobe?)

The trench coat never goes out of fashion.

Loving this variation from Top Shop that combines the classic style with a leather trim giving more of a fashion edge to this look.

Single Breasted – £224.25

Avoid anything with pockets on the bust line or fussy collars and small scale prints which will add width.

Double Breasted Pea Coat M&S (Also available in Grey) – £55.30

If you are petite it’s advisable to avoid oversized, cocoon coats and anything with large prints, checks and upscale fabrics, all of which will drown a petite frame.

Avoid this style if you have broad shoulders as double breasted styles tend to add width to the frame and can look boxy.

For more fashion and style advice head to Karen’s website and follow her on Instagram: in_styleconsulting

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