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One of our favourite events returns this summer with the Peterborough Heritage Festival set to take place on the weekend of June 17 – 18 in Peterborough City Centre.

Roundheads and Cavaliers will battle for Peterborough as a re-enactment of the English Civil War will be the highlight of this year’s festival.


The Peterborough Heritage Festival is a chance to experience 3,500 years of history in this unique, living history festival. Held in the historic heart of the city and the stunning surroundings of the Cathedral precincts, this is the city centre’s most popular event, attracting over 37,500 people last year. Each year the festival grows, having witnessed the first city-centre joust for centuries plus a full Viking invasion.

The highlight for this year will commemorate the 375th anniversary of the start of the English Civil War, seeing Parliamentarians and Royalists battle in a full blown re-enactment.

You’ll be able to see Roundheads and Cavaliers battle for control of Peterborough in a spectacular display of fighting skill with period weaponry, armour and siege tactics.

The Heritage Festival also features a large programme of fringe events running from June 10 to 24 inclusive where people can get involved with the multitude of heritage societies and attractions across the city.


David Nicoll, marketing director at Perkins, which has provided generous support to the Heritage Festival since 2015, says: “The Peterborough Heritage Festival offers a fun-packed weekend of activities and gives thousands of people the chance to learn more about our shared local history. This will be a wonderful experience for families, and people of all ages and backgrounds, living in Peterborough and beyond. Come and get involved in one of the best heritage events in the country!”

Rachel Walmsley, lead officer for Vivacity on the Heritage Festival adds, “We’re delighted to be able build on the success of previous years, and we’re indebted our partners for their support in enabling it to not only continue, but grow. Being able to offer such an exciting, family friendly and free programme of events attracts visitors not just from Peterborough, but from across the country, putting the city on the map.”

The Heritage Festival provides a boost for Peterborough, our businesses and our community, bringing over £300,000 into the local economy.As Vivacity is a charity, we rely on the generous support from local businesses such as Perkins and individual donations to make the event the success it is each year.


Rachel added, “We’d love all those people who come and enjoy the Festival to join in and help us to secure its future as well as having a great time as a key supporter of the event which brings so much to the city. Our volunteers will be wandering around over the weekend with donation buckets, every little helps and with your support we can keep the festival free and continue to grow next year and beyond.”

The Heritage Festival, now in its ninth successful year, is presented by Vivacity in association with Perkins Engines Company Limited, Peterborough Cathedral and Peterborough City Council.

The main weekend for this year’s Heritage Festival will be an unmissable date in everyone’s diaries, and there’ll be more announcements over the coming months about the exciting programme. We’ll keep you posted by make sure you visit the Vivacity website at: and register your interest.

Photos: Chris Brudenell and Emma Bothamley for ESP Magazine

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