Never fear… you might be scared this Halloween weekend in Peterborough will be a little dull compared to previous years, but there’s no need to be afraid of potential boredom as we have just the thing to keep your spirits up!

ESP’s Mikey Clarke loves a good quiz and as it’s Halloween he’s come up with a couple of real horrors to keep you entertained.

So huddle up with the lights off, get your pumpkin glowing and a bowl of choccie eyeballs at the ready and gather round your laptop to test your grey matter.

There are plenty of Mikey’s quizzes on this site, but head over to his YouTube channel to find even more.

For obvious reasons, many people watch scary films this time of the year more than any other. Are you one of these people?

Do you know all there is to know when it comes to horror movies? Find out by taking part in the quizzes below if you think you’re brave enough…

The Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz:


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