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ESP’s new Health and Beauty reporter, Emily Rawlinson, brings you some great tips for looking after yourself and looking good on lockdown…

Hello, I hope everyone is well and keeping safe during these uncertain times. I wanted to check in and give you all some ideas for giving yourself a pamper whilst from home of course.

It’s the perfect time to let your skin breathe and either wear no makeup, which I’ve been doing mostly, or wearing some minimal makeup to keep yourself in a routine. The three products I mentioned in the March edition of ESP (MAC Strobe Cream, L’Oréal True Match Foundation and Benefit Hoola Bronzer) along with the KIKO Precision Brow Pencil are the only products I’ve been using!

It means that my makeup routine is super quick but I still feel like I’ve made the effort to get up and ready for the day.

To take my makeup off I use biodegradable makeup wipes from Primark. I then cleanse my face with the Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear Pink Grapefruit face wash, this is new to me and so far  I am loving it.

After I tone my face with the Clinique Clarifying Lotion and end with the Moisture Surge face cream. I would usually use face masks once a week but have been doing them more frequently whilst at home. The ones I used recently are the YesTo Grapefruit Brightening Bubbling Paper Mask and the Garnier Night-time Eye Tissues Mask.


I decided to give myself a manicure and change my gel polish colour to something brighter! Beyond Perfect by MyGel is a gorgeous pink which is not too bright but still fresh and spring-like.

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning and after washing my hands so much they were in need of some TLC.

I always use the Soap & Glory Hand Food moisturiser as it doesn’t irritate my skin and it smells amazing.

Make sure you moisturise your hands every time after washing them to keep them protected and soft.


By keeping to a routine I have been able to continue with my Couch to 5K challenge!

While we all have to stay home, we are allowed out for some daily exercise so I have been going for a run every other day as my chosen form of outdoor exercise. I am lucky enough to live near Ferry Meadows and took some photos whilst the sun was setting on my run the other day.

It is amazing how just getting out of the house and either going for a walk, cycle or run makes you feel so much better during the lockdown, especially when surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Make your own exfoliating scrub

My favourite homemade exfoliator is perfect right now for getting rid of any dead or dry skin, or for scrubbing off your fake tan like I have been (yes I am still fake tanning whilst in self-isolation…)

All you need is some sugar, whichever kind you have, and either mix this with a small amount of shower gel or if you have coconut oil then even better!

The great thing about sugar is that it dissolves and is natural. I recommend using coconut oil only if you are applying it whilst in the bath as it can make your shower floor slippy so please be careful!

Hair mask

Coconut oil has so many different uses and if you happen to have a tub of it lying around from using it to cook with, then why not try using it in your hair?

I personally use it by washing my hair, towel drying it, then coating my hair in the the oil and wearing a shower cap for around an hour.

You will then need to jump back in the shower and rinse it out.

You can also sleep with it in your hair but will either need to sleep with your hair in a towel, which can be uncomfortable, or make sure to change your pillowcases in the morning as they will be greasy.

It’s another natural product, super affordable and available from most supermarkets and drugstores.

Take the time to relax, unwind and get lost in a book

I admit, reading tends to send me to sleep so I find it hard to get through a book.

However, I am currently working my way through ‘Hinch Yourself Happy’ by the infamous Mrs Hinch.

It is her first book and is a great one to get you motivated for spring cleaning with some amazing tips as well.

I have also downloaded Disney+ which has all Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel TV shows and films. There is a free 7-day trial and it is then £5.99 per month so if you’re bored of Netflix then I would recommend giving this a try.

Emily Rawlinson

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