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ESP’s Health & Beauty columnist Emily Rawlinson might be isolating but that doesn’t mean she needs to be pale and pasty, oh no! Fake tan is still an essential and Emily brings you her top tips for application and other great products to keep you looking good on lockdown…

Fake tanning whilst in isolation?

Yep, I am still tanning whilst staying safe at home. We’ve been very lucky to have had some lovely weather over the last few weeks, however protecting your skin should still be a priority! I fake tan because it’s the safest way to get that sun kissed look, and even though it can be a pain and not always go right, once you’ve mastered your routine it’ll be much less of a chore and safer for your skin.

If you’re exposed to the sun during your daily exercise or whilst in the garden, make sure you’re using sun scream with a good Sun Protection Factor (SPF), regardless of whether you fake tan, or not.

Also, check how long your SPF product’s shelf life is as most only last for a year and if they are from last summer you may find that you’ll need to purchase some new ones.

To check this you’ll see an open container image usually on the back or bottom of your product (with the shelf life once opened) shown as ‘12 M’ this means 12 months.

Some products may not last as long as this and some may last longer, therefore it is always important to check the shelf life which will always be displayed in months. A good tip is to write down on the lid of the bottle what month and year you opened the sun cream.

My Fake Tan Routine…

  1. EXFOLIATE – I always start by using an exfoliating scrub or gloves to remove any dead skin whilst in the shower. My favourite scrub is the Soap & Glory Flake Away which is affordable, smells amazing and doesn’t irritate my skin.

  2. MOISTURISE – After showering, I will moisturise the areas of my body which tan tends to cling to. For most, these are the elbows, knees, ankles and feet. You can use any moisturiser or body oil for this but the less scented the better as the tan can react to different products.

  3. APPLICATION BODY – To apply my fake tan I will either use a mitt or a fluffy sock. I always wear a glove underneath the mitt or sock to avoid the fake tan staining the palm of my hand.  A robust, reusable pair of washing up gloves will last you ages.

I have two different tanning products which I use depending on the condition of my skin. I have suffered with eczema from when I was young and even though it is now mild and manageable, my skin does flare up from time to time. When my skin is having an eczema flare up I will use the Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion which is a gradual tanner. This is because the formula is moisturising and is better for my eczema. I personally still use this at night as it’s very rich and is best to leave overnight to soak in. In the morning I will have a shower to rinse it off as the fake tan smell is very strong.

If my skin is not having an eczema flare then I’ll use the St Tropez Untinted Classic Bronzing Mousse. This stuff is amazing, however there is no guide colour as the product comes out clear and develops over time. Therefore it can be difficult to see where you’ve already applied the tan. I just make sure that I use the same amount of pumps for each part of my body and blend in using circular motions. This could be applied in the morning or night and not need washing off due to it having minimal scent and it drying down quickly. You can also apply these products a second time for a deeper tan which I tend to do in the summer.

  1. APPLICATION FACE & HANDS – For my face and hands I use the Solait by Superdrug Tan Boosting Facial Serum as I have found that this works best for my skin. This is a gradual tanning product but is much more subtle than the products designed for your body. To apply this to my face and hands I use a buffing foundation brush, however you can also mix this product into your face moisturiser. This can be reapplied daily to your face and hands as this will wear off quicker due to hand and face washing.

  2. MAINTENANCE – To help maintain your tan make sure to keep moisturising your body. At around 5-7 days the tan will start to fade, appearing patchy as your skin cells start to renew.

  3. REMOVAL – To help remove your fake tan, repeat step 1. It may take a few times to remove your tan fully depending on the longevity of the product and how long it’s been left on for but it will eventually all come off.

Skin Republic Face Masks…

These face masks are some of my favourites! I currently have the Bubble Purifying & Charcoal mask and the Prep & Glow face mask sheets in my collection.

The one I love the most is Prep & Glow which I always use before applying my makeup for a night out. This face mask was created with reality star Olivia Buckland and is designed to hydrate, plump and brighten your complexion, giving you the perfect base to apply your makeup.

There are many other face masks in Skin Republic’s range for all skin types and they’re priced from £3.99 – £8.99 but I tend to wait until they go on offer and bulk buy my favourites. They also have a face mask and eye masks designed for men.

Protection For Your Lips…

I think we can now officially say that the winter weather is over and spring is in full force. However, after protecting our lips from the harsh cold weather, what can be used to protect our lips from the sun?

I personally use the popular Carmex products all year round as for me, the lip balm is by far the most moisturising I’ve ever used and it contains SPF! My favourite scent is Cherry and I always purchase the lip balm which comes in a squeezy tube. I actually have four Carmex lip balms on the go, one in my bedside cabinet, one in my car, one in my handbag and one in my drawer at work (when I was going in!). The obsession is real.

This product is a staple in my skincare/makeup routine and is something I can see myself using through my life. The products come in a variety of scents and formulas so there are plenty to choose from.

Emily Rawlinson

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