ESP columnist Juggy Sohal is not only content with writing for us, he is a filmmaker as well and has recently released a brand new short film all centred around diversity. We chatted to one of the film’s stars Nicola Porter from Huntingdon who plays the character of Saskia to find out more…

You are starring in a new short film called Ticking That Box, could you tell us what the film is about and your character?

“The film is about the way companies and employers have a diversity quota in order to appear as though they are an equal opportunities organisation.

“My character Saskia is an HR executive whose boss is Gemini a very hard, icy-type exec. Saskia is not as icy as her boss Gemini but feels like she has to back her up and agree with her even though she is not of the same opinion.”

(Nicola pictured right)

How did the role come about for you?

“I got the role purely by chance when I was chosen to be an extra on one of the filming days. A few days beforehand Juggy the writer/director called me to see if I’d be interested in taking over the role of Saskia as the original actress had to drop out. So I did a mini-audition and was over the moon when Juggy said I had got the part!”

With everything that is going on in the world right now, do you feel this film is relevant for the time?

“I feel the film is more relevant than ever at the moment what with the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope it makes people think about scenarios where they feel they may have been ticking a box and think about how things can change.”

Have you ever personally felt like you are ticking a box in any aspect of your life?

“I personally have no experience of feeling like I was ticking a box so I feel quite lucky!”

“Yes I do feel like talent from outside London is underrepresented in the film/tv industry so it is fantastic that this film is showcasing talent from the Peterborough area in such a great way. I hope the film is a big hit and is a stepping stone for all of the talented cast and crew.”

What is next for you?

“I am still juggling my day job with filming work. I have just started the process to be a Foster Carer in Cambridgeshire so this time next year I anticipate I will have my hands full looking after a young child full time!”

Juggy Sohal was the winner of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s New Voices competition and as well as broadcasting on the local radio station also writes for ESP. He’s been producing short films and you can watch Juggy’s new film Ticking That Box here…

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