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An EastEnders episode which was filmed at a Peterborough tourist attraction aired on the BBC last night (September 17) with more to come.

The storyline featuring troubled Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) gave us the first glimpse of Nene Valley Railway’s Orton Mere station renamed ‘Walford Common’ in the soap when it screened last night.

Back in the summer ESP reporter Marc Hernandez (pictured) who also writes for the NVR’s Nene Steam magazine spotted the sign but NVR staff were sworn to secrecy about the storyline.

The EastEnders episodes were filmed over three days and are part of a big plotline this week in the popular TV soap which has seen Bobby haunted by visions of his sister Lucy who he murdered.

NVR spokesman Jerry Thurston told ESP it was great to have the TV crews on site – “It was both hectic and brilliant. There was a huge crew (around 30 people) with caterers and even a lunch bus!”

Nene Valley Railway is no stranger to film crews having been used in James Bond films, music videos and TV shows over the years and once again it proved an ideal location for the EastEnders producers.

“We were perfect,” said Jerry “close enough to London and Orton Mere had the ideal London suburban feel. We had one more thing that they needed but I can’t reveal that until tomorrow!

“The cast were wonderful, really down to earth and not at all ‘starry’.”

Jerry Told ESP the team at NVR were excited to see how it all turned out on screen.

“When we are used for filming it’s often a year until we can see the results (which can be minuscule) this time it’s only been a few weeks and we have a MAJOR part to play in the plot!”

So don’t miss out on the big reveal in the next episode of EastEnders on BBC One at 7.30pm.

Photo: Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) BBC Pictures. NVR images: Marc Hernandez

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