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There’s nothing like a drive-in movie in the summer so if you love Grease get your T-bird leathers and your Pink Ladies jackets on, pull in with your friends and grab the popcorn!

On Friday August 8 as part of the  Travelchoice Festival promoting sustainable travel in Peterborough join in the fun at the Drive-In Car Share Cinema being held at Peterborough Garden Park near Eye.

Grease is the word at 7.30pm! Show you are ‘hopelessly devoted to car sharing’ by heading on down to  the drive-in car share cinema.

Add to the atmosphere by dressing up as Pink Ladies or T-birds while munching on the popcorn.

It’s a fantastic free event designed to show just how easy it is to cut costs and emissions by teaming up with your friends when you travel around the city.

Find out more about all the fantastic fun events and elarn more on

A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop A-wop-bam-boom!

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