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If you're a fan of Coldplay but can't get to see them live - here's the next best thing!

Rocket to The Spheres with tribute band Coldplace as they land in Peterborough on Sunday March 5 at The Cresset for their brand new, out of this world show.

Coldplace, the leading tribute to Coldplay, will be showcasing their brand new theatre show, complete with lasers, video graphics, confetti canons and Xylobands, all based around the new Coldplay album, Music of the Spheres, which was released last October.

“We love the new Coldplay look with their illuminous graphics and planetary system, and are really enjoying re-creating their show,” explains Shane Crofts, lead singer of Coldplace. “The whole story surrounding the new album, and Coldplay’s vision of The Spheres and Kaotica is fascinating, and one which we’ve loved exploring.”

Chris Martin had a vision of a fictional solar system called The Spheres, and Kaotica is one of the fictional nine planets he created. It’s a trash planet with rejected people and aliens inhabiting it, and is the focus for their first single from the new album, Higher Power, which was released in May last year.

Along with their fictional solar system and planets, Coldplay also developed a new language called Kaotican. This is made up of logographics, and each symbol corresponds to a letter in the Romanian alphabet, or a number. It was originally designed by the Argentinian artist and graphic singer, Pilar Zeta, along with the visual artist, Victor Scorrano.

Coldplace have been working hard behind the scenes, studying the new style show, re-creating it, and also having the odd conversation with Coldplay, and Phil Harvey, who is considered to be the fifth member of Coldplay.

“We can’t wait for you to see our interpretation of Coldplay’s world, and for you to be a part of it,” continues Shane. “Expect to be blown away whilst enjoying the classic Coldplay anthems.”

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