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Airstream Futures from Chicago hit Stamford with red-hot support from five acts.

The line-up for the gig at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge on Saturday January 26 includes The Human Project from Leeds, Crocodile God from Liverpool, Mean Caesar from London, The Petrol Boys from Peterborough, and now also an acoustic Carol Hodge set!

Airstream Futures blew everyone away when they played the Ostrich Inn in Peterborough, and they really wanted to come back and play another show, so much so they are coming back from America.

The gig’s been organised by The Scary Clown Presents and Kristian ‘Krispy’ Brown from the promoters (pictured left) told ESP – “They are lovely people and play with energy which cannot be ignored.”

Starting the evening is an acoustic set by Carol Hodge performing from 7.15pm.

Kristian added – “Carol has played with Crass and Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life as well as being a well established solo performer. So arrive early grab a drink from the bar and warm yourself to Carol’s tones before getting ready to dance with Peterborough’s own Petrol Boys at 8pm!”

In addition, the Scary Clown Presents will also be releasing their DIY Punk Compilation ‘First Five Years’ double album!

They will be bringing the actual vinyl copies to the show, and you can buy them in person saving postage on the night.


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