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This month we’re in for a real cultural treat in Peterborough when none other than the Russian State Ballet and Opera House® brings its amazing production of Verdi’s Rigoletto to the Cresset – complete with a large live orchestra of over 30 musicians!

For those who moan we have to head to the likes of London for such shows here’s a rare chance to enjoy one right on your doorstep.

An impressive cast will bring to life Verdi’s masterpiece and best-loved opera – a tragic tale of misunderstanding, revenge and sacrifice.

It features a succession of stunning tunes, including the famous ‘La donna è mobile’, combined with an ever-present underlying tension and menace in a plot involving abduction, seduction and revenge.

Opera lovers, the world over, have taken Rigoletto to their hearts.

Alexej Ignatow, producer of The Russian State Ballet & Opera House says –

“Opera has been able to take advantage of the high-tech revolution in home entertainment, television and cinema and more and more people are discovering it. However, nothing can replace the pleasure to attend a live performance, which is why we are dedicated to presenting full and positive new productions in regional theatres.


“We want to give the opportunity to local audiences to experience these classics at a fraction of the cost they would pay in big cities, give them great pleasure and inspire them to want more.”

The Russian State Ballet and Opera House has been presenting ballets and operas to huge audiences for over 13 years.

Catch this amazing performance here in the city on Saturday February 21.

Don’t miss out on buying your ticket for the greatest opera, Rigoletto!

For information and tickets, please call the Cresset box office on 01733 265705 or visit



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