Been making your New Year’s resolutions and looking at your life? Well an entertaining and engaging new documentary could give you food for thought.

Film director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Patch Adams, The Nutty Professor and Bruce Almighty) is behind the new documentary I AM and is also taking part in a live interactive event to celebrate its release. Tom will be taking to the stage to debate with key influential speakers about their visions of the utopian world we should all strive for.

Discover the meaning of life and understand the human quest for happiness when I AM is released in selected cinemas including Showcase in Peterborough on Thursday January 24.


The screening and live debate will take place at the Empire Leicester Square in London’s West End and will be broadcast live into cinemas across Europe, with the opportunity for international audiences to interact in a live Twitter Q&A. The panel will be hosted by Ed Halliwell (author & journalist) and will include Tony Hawks (author and comedian) and Stephanie Crampin (Giving What You Can), alongside the Director, Tom Shadyac.


Shadyac’s critically acclaimed, mesmerising documentary is a thought-proviking mix of interviews, animations and clips, featuring remarkable interviewees from the realms of science, philosophy and faith, including: Noam Chomsky, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Coleman Barks, John Francis, Dean Radin, Daniel Quin, Howard Zin and David Suzuki.

Delivering a multitude of themes, I AM is a must-see documentary that instils a positive sense that change can be accomplished by acts on everyday individual levels. Digging deeper than the surface, Shadyac’s film magnifies the Earth’s true problems, and takes the audience on a journey of discovery and the realisation that we all have the power to change the world.

The distributors, Omniverse Vision and Universal Pictures, are working with a number of charities to raise awareness of the film including Mind, Action for Happiness, and Giving What You Can.