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Major city employer, BGL Group, has donated £3,000 along with two rowing machines to Peterborough City Rowing Club.

It’s great to see the Olympic legacy continuing in Peterborough and to see local business supporting city sports stars of the future.

The local club, which is also a registered charity and run entirely by volunteers, has experienced an unprecedented surge of local people interested in rowing. The BGL Group’s monetary donation allowed the club to purchase a further three rowing machines, increasing the total donation to five machines and the club’s training capacity by 50 per cent. The additional rowing machines were originally part of BGL Group’s in-house gym, and were surplus to requirements following an office move and refurbishment.

John Canton, Chairman of Peterborough City Rowing Club told ESP – “The London 2012 Olympics increased awareness of the fun and challenging sport of rowing. We have seen a huge increase in interest from the public, which although is fantastic, has stretched our centre’s resources. These new machines will give our members a much needed boost during their most intensive training period as we approach the rowing season, and will mean more Peterborough people can enjoy this great sport.”

Graham Charlton, Chairman of the BGL CSR Team added – “We are delighted this donation will provide support to a very deserving local charity. I certainly found the London 2012 Olympics inspiring, but it’s great to learn that people are actually making an effort to get active and make use of the sports clubs on their doorstep. You never know, there may be a future gold medallist within one of the club’s new recruits!”

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