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We’re big supporters of the local live music scene here at ESP and we’re always pleased to be able to tell you about new bands on the local circuit.

If you want to look good on the dancefloor, don’t be a mardy bum and get yourself out to see Peterborough’s new tribute to the Arctic Monkeys – our very own Arctic Roll.

The band formed in January and is made up of lead singer Danny Dill, guitarists Kaine Johnson and Chris lopatka, bassist Gianni Davies and drummer Damian Vidal.

Danny told ESP - “There’s a huge gap in the market as there are not many tributes to this great band In the UK and we’re all fans and have been since the mid naughties.

“You can expect a true rendition and that authentic Arctic Monkeys sound when you come to see us - high energy! We aim to replicate every aspect of the arctic monkeys on stage even down to attire worn. You’ll hear A and B side tracks from us from almost every album released.”

The guys are excited to get going with multiple headline slots already confirmed and an ITV covered festival booked in the north this summer. It’s no surprise that they’re already in demand up north where the original band hail from.

So if you’re fed up staying in and fancy being in a music video instead, snap out of it and catch Arctic Roll belting out all the tunes you know and love at Liberation nightclub in Peterborough on April 3 and be part of the crowd for their new video.

Danny says – “We are filming our promo video and require a crowd to be filmed as part of it, it’s 400 people capacity and first come first served. We have it booked exclusively for the video and estimate filming to take around 5 hours, the bar will be open and there will be a DJ on in between takes.”

You can then catch them in action at their big local launch gig on April 15 at Coyotes Bar & Grill in Peterborough from 9pm with the great originals band PRIMA VOLTA providing support, it’s free entry so don’t miss out!

Sadly Chris couldn’t make the photo shoot for this shot by James Ayley @ Blu_jay photo due to Covid but he’ll definitely be there for the video!

Any bookings for Arctic Roll can be made through their Facebook page.


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