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OK so it’s cold and dark but ESP is always here to try and find the brighter side and see what we can do to lift your spirits.

So with our #keeppeterboroughpositive message firmly in mind we asked ESP contributor Austen Moore for some upbeat thoughts.

Austen is a Peterborough based business and life coach who often helps provide a fresh perspective on life when you’re feeling a bit stuck…

When ESP asked me to write a piece about remaining positive during these times, even I felt daunted at what I could say that would make people breathe a sigh of relief and sleep easy.

We are living in an unprecedented time right now for most of us that have spent the majority of our lives in the UK. It’s near to impossible to write this article and ignore Covid. If I ignored it, then I think many people would be screaming at me for acting like it doesn’t have any effect on how we’re feeling.

It’s not just the fact that we have a virus called Covid-19. It’s also all the unknown factors that come with this. Most people quite like things remaining very consistent and we often feel a pang of jealousy for those that embrace change so easily.

So what can we do?

Reduce exposure to negativity – We are surrounded by a daily barrage of negative content on mainstream media platforms and social media. I would reduce exposure to this.

Tuning in to see daily death reports isn’t healthy. Before Covid appeared you didn’t get a daily report on the 150,000 deaths that occur every day in the world, they happen, but no one told you every day.

If you received this information every day you’d become very scared of everything from driving your car to swimming in the sea on holiday.

So switch yourself off from it as much as possible and give your emotions the break that they need.

Create a better environment around you – You may think the world has gone to pieces at the

moment, but you can try and keep your slice of this world in one piece.

As I write this I have my headphones in playing 90’s power ballads. In fact Eurythmics and Annie Lennox are sometimes being sung out loud in my little office right now.

So listen to music that uplifts you, watch things on TV that make you happy, call family and friends you love to speak with that make you feel good (Simply Red now playing).

I may watch Weird Science tonight , National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or Ted perhaps!

Exercise – Yep, you guessed it. You didn’t think I was going to let you all slob on the sofa during a Zombie Apocalypse did you?

Exercise is great for making you feel good. But you need to choose exercise that you like, not exercise that someone else tells you to do or you think you should do. Because if you choose exercise you really don’t like then it won’t last and you’ll end up feeling bad.

If you like outdoors then go walking, running, cycling, or if you prefer yoga, then do that outside instead of inside when the weather allows of course. Exercise with another person if possible. By working out with someone else you are far more likely to continue long term and it can make it even more enjoyable.

So those are a few things to help keep your emotions in a better place. They may seem obvious but sometimes we just don’t realise we’ve let things slip until we receive a reminder from someone or something.

One final tip. Try not to spend all your time thinking about everything that you aren’t doing or you aren’t allowed to do. Try and think about all the things you will be doing in the future and how good they will feel.

Right, I’m off now to belt out The Living Daylights by A-ha.

Austen Moore


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