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YMCA Trinity Group’s Youth Jam event is taking place in Cathedral Square on Saturday July 21 to showcase the talents of the city’s young people.

It’ll feature everything from dance to sport, music to poetry and it’s continuing to gather momentum with over 25 acts signed up for performance slots so far.

They’re planning an ambitious finale to the day and hope to have 900 singers joining in with a huge sing along of the 70’ s hit song YMCA.

It’s 40 years since dance floor filler, YMCA, was released. You might know the moves but look beyond the flailing arm actions and questionable costume choices of the original performance and the words still capture the essence of YMCA’s mission.

Last year Boy George re-recorded the classic YMCA song giving it a more measured tempo which lets the lyrics speak for themselves. Have a listen here. [youtube id=”mi2hEyzqfos” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Youth Jam is the premier youth event of the Peterborough 900 celebrations marking the anniversary of Peterborough Cathedral and they’re hoping to have the voices of 900 young people combining to mark this milestone to form a fitting finale to Youth Jam.

Schools across Peterborough are invited to take part in this finale and show their support for the work of YMCA by joining together in a performance of Boy George’s version.

To get involved schools can either sign up to perform the song live as part of an ensemble at Youth Jam or film their school singing along to Boy George’s version during an assembly (these films will be used as a compilation forming the backdrop to the live performance) or perform live AND provide a recording.

All money raised during Youth Jam will be used for further provision of services for young people in Peterborough such as mental health support and the creation of safe social spaces.

There are also a limited number of performance slots still available for the day so make sure you get in touch if you have a dance, musical or theatre group looking for their moment in the spotlight at this year’s Youth Jam.

Just get in touch with Verity Swinscoe – Fundraising & Marketing Officer

Tel:  01733 373188.


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