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Pretty much the best thing that can be said for this sci-if actioner is that it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

With a premise that is kind of like After Earth-crossed-with-Jurassic Park we see Adam Driver’s (the last Star Wars trilogy) exploring astronaut Mills – a human from another galaxy 65 million years ago – crash land on Earth when dinosaurs roamed, and just a few days before the asteroid that destroyed them impacts the planet. Which is simply incredible bad luck.

But with only one survivor from the ship – young girl Koa (Ariana Greenblatt from In the Heights) who talks a completely different language – Mills must make his way across a terrain riddled with prehistoric creatures to get to the other half of his crashed shuttle, which houses an escape pod that could launch them off the planet.

Fortunately (on the flip side) he does have a rather potent gun to help him out of some sticky situations.

On the way we see the duo’s relationship blossom – with Mills having left his daughter (My Spy’s Chloe Coleman) on his homeworld – as they get into ever-increasingly more dangerous, and some noteworthily-tense altercations with Cretaceous beings from Raptors to T-Rex.

But while the special effects and accompanying skirmishes are solid, there’s never really enough to truly grip you through the breezy ninety-minute duration – despite the last thirty minutes being notably better than the generally dull and underwhelming first hour.

Which means this movie will become extinct from your memory rather quickly – and definitely within 65 minutes.

ESP Rating: 2/5

Gavin Miller

Showcase Cinema De Lux Peterborough, Out Now

Cast: Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Nika King & Chloe Coleman

Running Time: 1 Hr 33 Mins

Director: Scott Beck

Go to for all the latest film information & showtimes at Peterborough’s Showcase Cinema De Lux


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