Fans of TV and Film didn’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get a glimpse of stars from the small and big screen…

Fest-3On Sunday October 25, 10th Planet Events brought TV and Movie Fest to The Cresset. I joined hundreds of others to see what the event had to offer.

Special guests attending the event included Garrick Hagon (Star Wars and Mission Impossible), Derek Martin (Charlie Slater from Eastenders) and Jacqueline Pearce (Casualty and Mischief) and Peter Davison (Doctor Who and Law and Order).Fest-5

Davison (who played the fifth Time Lord in 1981) was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time. “It’s great to be in Peterborough meeting the fans,” he said. Discussing his time playing such an iconic role, he told me “I believe I was the first person to play the Doctor that was an actual fan of the show. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was cast for it.” Each Doctor tends to have their own unique look about them, I wondered if he got to have any say over his own style. “I didn’t really have any control over my character, but that was fine. I felt a little out of my comfort zone at times as I was much younger than the actors who played the part before me. Looking back, I feel I started a trend, as many Doctors after were young also.” And who is his favourite Doctor? “It has to be Patrick Troughton. He was the first regeneration. Had he of not played the role so well, the other Doctors and I may not of had the part ourselves.”
Other names and TV and Movie Fest included Nina Muschallik, Ayesha Brough, Shane Rimme, Paul Darrow, Barry Noble, Vera Day, Stephen Calcutt and Peter Purves. Purves is best known for being a presenter on Blue Peter, but as a huge fan of the TV Show, The Office – I had to ask him about his appearance on that. “It was so much fun,” he told me. “It was a lot of fun working with Ricky Gervais. He makes sure everyone is enjoying themselves, but also gets the best out of his team. A lot of people ask me if I minded The Office using old footage of me, and I have to laugh and tell them that it was something I filmed especially for the show.”


As well as mixing with the celebs, TV and Movie Fest was a great opportunity to see props used on the small and big screen, with merchandise available too. I came home with a few comics and a picture of me standing beside a real DeLorean.

With characters walking around (including Daleks and Cyberman) entertaining the crowds –  who had also dressed the part – it was a fun day for all the family. Let’s hope this marks the start of more of these events coming to the city.

Mikey Clarke


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