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I am writing this column on the 20th May and there is still no end in sight when it comes to the conclusion of the League One season and as an employee of the football club, that brings with it a lot of uncertainty.

I made a comment on social media recently and I stick by what I said. I think there are a lot of people that hear the word ‘football’ they immediately say ‘shut it down’ and ‘it is not safe’ and whilst I hear both sides of the argument, it really gets on my nerves when people fail to consider the impact of their statements.

Football clubs up and down the country employ hundreds of employees and I am not talking about footballers. If the current season is ended and with no vaccine in sight, there is every chance the next season may not start until 2021 with or without crowds. Clubs could in effect go into hibernation.  Where does that leave its employees?

We are all passionate about the game. We all want it to succeed. A lot of clubs don’t even want to try and make it succeed at the minute. That is frustrating for all those who work so many hours behind the scenes. I hope that we find a resolution because if we don’t, I really fear for a lot of clubs within the EFL.

On a different note, our interviews with former players continue to be well received and I was pleased to get the chance to speak with ex-Posh goalkeeper David Seaman. Many of the readers of this column may not realise that ‘safe hands’ used to be between the sticks at Posh and trust me, he readily admits he owes a lot of his career to his time in PE2.

David, who went on to win the Premier League with Arsenal and become England’s number one for many years, remembers living in Orton Brimbles, visiting the Lido (which he described as freezing) and becoming a regular at Thorpe Wood golf course.

You will be able to watch the interview with David on the club’s YouTube channel ( where you can also find interviews with a host of former Posh stars including Gabriel Zakuani, Tony Adcock, Danny Crow, Charlie Lee and Craig Mackail-Smith to name just five.

Away from football, I just wanted to express my disappointment at the news that the Greyhound Stadium in Fengate will be closing. I, like many other Peterborians, have spent many a night trying to urge the dog from trap three to ‘go go go’ in the prospect of winning £2.59 and it will be a venue that will be sorely missed.



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