Peterborough Men’s Mental Health Day

Local health specialists will be holding a free event to demonstrate how men can take a positive, solutions-focused outlook on health and wellbeing.
Statistics show that suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK and according to an NHS psychiatric survey carried out in 2014 in England, around 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem. Around 75% of the nearly 6,500 suicides recorded in Great Britain in 2018 were men.
This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn simple and effective techniques to manage the stresses of daily life, at home and in the workplace.
Speakers will be offering support on how to deal with seasonal and everyday issues which can have an effect on mental health, from how to get a good night’s sleep, to dealing with stress at work, to managing stress regarding your finances.
This event also welcomes women who are looking for advice on how to support the men in their lives.
10am – 2pm – Live Gathering: at Allia Future Business Centre of key presentations (Limited seats available – please email if you wish to be in the audience)



Peterborough Men’s Mental Health Day Online Broadcast