As the Space: Fact and Fiction exhibition draws to a close grab your popcorn and join Peterborough Museum for a film festival that is out of this world!

See some of your favourite classic space-themed flicks at their cinematic best for one weekend only.

Don’t miss your last chance to see Peterborough Museum’s exciting exhibition Space: Fact and Fiction, which runs until October 7 and amke some time to catch some of your favourite movies too.

The exhibition, which is supported by the UK Space Agency, highlights the UK’s role in space exploration and what it really takes to become an astronaut. The whole family will enjoy exploring everything from moon rock to meteorites! Discover how popular science fiction can be used to explain science fact. Plus make sure you take the opportunity to see some fascinating sci-fi memorabilia.


Star Wars (U)

5 October, 2pm

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”
Luke Skywalker, a simple farm boy with dreams of being a fighter pilot, joins with rebel forces to rescue the rebel leader Princess Leia from the evil emperor taking over the galaxy. Alongside rebel pilots, Luke must then undertake a perilous mission to attack the empire’s most powerful weapon, the planet-destroying Death Star, if there is to be any hope of the galaxy regaining its freedom.

Price               Adults £6, con £5, Heritage Pass holders £4

Booking          01733 864663


Alien (18)
5 October, 7.30pm

“In space no one can hear you scream”
When the crew of a commercial deep space towing vessel on their way back to Earth pick up an SOS signal, they are duty bound to investigate. By the time they realise that the signal is a warning not a call for help, it is too late as they come under attack from an alien stowaway.

Price               Adults £6, con £5, Heritage Pass holders £4

Booking          01733 864663


Apollo 13 (PG)
6 October,

“Houston, we have a problem”
Based on the real life events of NASA’s thirteenth Apollo mission. In 1971, three astronauts set off on a ‘routine’ mission to the moon but they grabbed the nation’s attention when part of their spacecraft exploded. Instead of making the third lunar landing, they had to struggle to survive and make it back to Earth with the odds stacked against them.

Price               Adults £6, con £5, Heritage Pass holders £4

Booking          01733 864663


Star Trek (12A)
6 October, 7.30pm

“To boldly go where no one has gone before”
James T Kirk joins the Starfleet Academy determined to live up to his father’s reputation but his rebellious nature puts this in jeopardy. Kirk gets his opportunity when an SOS comes from Vulcan and the cadets are sent off to help with Kirk on board the USS Enterprise. Can Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew save Vulcan and Earth from the destructive intentions of the Romulan time-traveller who killed Kirk’s father?

Price               Adults £6, con £5, Heritage Pass holders £4

Booking          01733 864663


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