David Wait is used to the challenge of running one of Peterborough’s largest and busiest shopping centres but that’s a walk in the park compared to the tests and trials that await him over the next ten months.

David’s decided to take on eight incredible challenges, all over the world, in an effort to raise £10,000 for local charity, Disability Peterborough.

Amongst other things, he’ll be jumping from a plane, running across the Sahara desert, climbing mountains in Peru and undertaking a bit of SAS selection!

What’s more, he’ll be doing it all to the soundtrack of ACDC!

David says, “I am undertaking these challenges to raise funds for a fantastic local charity, Disability Peterborough.

“I’ve always set myself at least one big challenge a year and the charity really could use some funding so I thought I would do something big in the hope it encourages companies and people to donate to this worthwhile cause.

“Disability Peterborough offers a variety of specialist support and programs to assist thousands of local people with a variety of disabilities in the city.”

David, the manager of Serpentine Green shopping centre, has been in training for his ‘Monster Challenges’ for the last three months and has had run ins with difficult sheep on Mount Snowdon and has had to deal with cutting out the majority of the foods he once enjoyed such as bread, alcohol and chocolate, which has resulted in weight loss in the hope it will make the challenges more manageable.

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“The most difficult part of the training has been nutrition,”  says David, “I’ve always been reasonably fit but to make sure I complete all of these challenges I’ve had to completely change my diet which has resulted in me losing nearly 3 stone in 10 weeks!

“Preparing for these challenges has made me realise that giving yourself a goal or target is a great way to be focused to give you the discipline to achieve something, I’m still just over a week away from actually starting my first challenge but still feel very focused.

“Out of all of the challenges the parachute jump is the one that scares me the most and suspect someone will need to pull my fingers off of the side of the plane to let go!”

Waity’s ‘Monster Challenges’ are;

5th July 2018 – The National 3 Peaks Challenge – Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon in 24hrs)

29th July 2018 – Parachute Jump

25th August 2018 – 100km South Coast Challenge

1st October 2018 – Climb Island Peak – 21,000ft in the Himalaya’s

1st December 2018 – Half Marathon De Sables – 120Km across the hills/mountains of Peru

5th January 2019 – Fan Dance – 48km trek over Pen-Y-Fan (it’s normally 24km but I’m doing it twice) that is used as part of the SAS selection

3rd February 2019 – 66 Miles – North Downs Pilgrim Challenge

5th April 2019 – Full Marathon De Sables – 250(ish)Km across the Sahara

If you’d like to support David’s bid to raise money for Peterborough Disability you can visit his donations page.

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