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Photo: (c) Shashwat Harish

Get ready to go wild and enjoy some stunning images as the world-renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition comes to Peterborough this summer.

On loan from the Natural History Museum in London the display will open at Queensgate Shopping Centre on June 3 running through until July 7 featuring a selection of incredible photos. It will be located in Central Square and will be free to see.

This is the fifty-ninth year of the competition and features exceptional images which capture fascinating animal behaviour, spectacular species and the breathtaking diversity of the natural world.

Using photography's unique emotive power to engage and inspire audiences, the images shine a light on stories and species around the world and encourage a future of advocating for the planet.

Photo (c) Mike Korostelev

Photo (c) Alex Mustard

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the most prestigious photography event of its kind, providing a global platform that showcases some of the best photography talent from around the world for nearly 60 years.

Launching in 1965, today the competition receives entries from 95 countries all over the world, highlighting its enduring appeal. This year’s award-winning images will embark on an international tour that will allow them to be seen by well over a million people. 

Photo (c) Max Waugh

Photo (c) Amit Eshel

Dr Doug Gurr, Director of the Natural History Museum says -"We are facing urgent biodiversity and climate crises, and photography is a powerful catalyst for change. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition reveals some of nature’s most wondrous sights whilst offering hope and achievable actions visitors can take to help protect the natural world."

Chair of the judging panel, Kathy Moran adds -"What most impressed the jury was the range of subjects, from absolute beauty, rarely seen behaviours and species to images that are stark reminders of what we are doing to the natural world. We felt a powerful tension between wonder and woe that we believe came together to create a thought-provoking collection of photographs."

Photo (c) Mark Williams

Photo (c) Zeyu Zhai

Last year’s competition attracted an astounding 49,957 entries from photographers of all ages and experience levels from 95 countries. During an intense week at the Natural History Museum in London, entries were judged anonymously on their creativity, originality, and technical excellence by an international panel of industry experts.

Don't miss your chance to see some of them right here on your doorstep for free.


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