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Who’s been naughty or nice and what toy will they choose?

It’s the list that children will be talking about and parents eager to get their hands on; what will be this year’s top toys for Christmas at Queensgate Shopping Centre?

The Queensgate Toy Testing event returns for another year, and this time it’s on for two fun-packed days. On Saturday November 4 and Sunday November 5, children in Peterborough can become Santa’s ‘testers’ as John Lewis, Menkind, Game, Argos, Tiger and other retailers bring out their new gadgets and gizmos for 2017.


Located in a giant snow dome in North Square, the free event gives little ones the chance to try, test, play and score each toy, which will ultimately decide which ones make the top 10 for 2017.


From 11am on each day, enter the elves’ magical dome, put on the scientist’s cloak and goggles and let Queensgate bring Christmas to life.

Tinkerbell, Moana and Cinderella have confirmed they will be joining in the festive fun, bringing sparkle and treats for all to enjoy.

Alice Watkinson, Marketing Manager at Queensgate Shopping Centre, said: “This is a great chance to enjoy the countdown to Christmas, get in the festive spirit and bring the children in to try the hottest toys this year.”

Follow Queensgate’s social media as the centre reveals which toys will be in this year’s Toy Testing event.

This event will be filmed and photographed. Parents must remain with their children at all times.


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