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ESP’s Mikey Clarke says ‘thank you Peterborough!’

On Sunday October 13, I joined just under 5,200 runners who took part in the Perkins Great Eastern Run.

Before the run I woke up and was filled with dread after looking out of the window. I wondered whether the torrential rain would put people off running, or equally as importantly, put off the spectators. Like many runners I’ve spoken to, it’s the cheering crowds that get me through the race. Therefore I was relieved to see the streets (despite the rain) filled with supporters. So seriously Peterborough, thank you!


With over 1,600 people also taking part in the 5k Fun Run, this year’s Perkins Great Eastern Run has been the most successful yet.

Trevor Hawkins (36) from Whittlesey spoke to me after the event. “This is the fourth time I’ve taken part in the run,” he said. “The rain definitely made things difficult for the runners but it didn’t seem to affect the organising of the event. Forget the weather and you have a flawless event.”


I’m sure you’re all keen to hear how I did. Unfortunately I wasn’t first over the finish line. That achievement goes to Nicholas Kirui (63mins and 59secs) – winning him £1,000 and a trophy.

I wasn’t far behind him though – at 2hrs 30mins, I could just about see the back of his head from the distance. In my defence I was running with a blister. Honestly.

I was joined by ESP’s video reporter Lorenzo Monteforte and like many people involved we chose to raise money for charity.

We both ran in aid of Arthritis Research UK, along with several other runners and raised £1,200 between us all.

As you can see here Lorenzo was understandably looking well pleased with his medal and the fact that he WASN’T suffering from a huge blister like yours truly!

But of course it’s not the suffering, or the timing that’s important when it comes to the Perkins Great Eastern Run. It’s being able to say you were involved in one of our city’s biggest events. It’s the feeling you get when passing that finish line – however long it took you. And it’s about raising money for charities and changing lives. So whatever place you finished the run… you should feel proud!

Why not run it next year? Or run for the first time? Entries for 2014 are already open.

Make sure you grab the next issue of ESP Magazine out from October 30 for our full coverage of the day!

Mikey Clarke

Photos: Emma Bothamley






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