A new campaign against domestic abuse is starting in Peterborough focussing on the problem in teenage relationships.

ESP is pleased to support the latest campaign and the awareness fortnight starting on November 25.


While we may think that our teenagers could never be affected by domestic abuse, the truth is that it does occur in teenage relationships.  Teenagers who are experiencing abuse can often view it as something to put up with, or will normalise the issue, telling themselves that ‘it’s just the way things are – everyone else is doing it’ or ‘it’s ok’.

If you are in a relationship and feel scared or pressurised into doing things you don’t want then this is not ok.  If you feel uncomfortable, unhappy and uncertain about what’s happening then it maybe an abusive relationship.  Abusive behaviour may include some or all of these:

•           Physical abuse: Actions that hurt the outside of the body like; pushing, slapping, punching or kicking.

•           Sexual abuse:  Actions that effect people intimately like; being forced or pressurised into sex or sexual behaviour that you are not comfortable with.

•           Financial abuse: Actions that effect your money and finance like; taking money, using your mobile phone without permission, stealing from you, making you pay for everything and not giving you access to your own money.

•           Emotional abuse: Actions that effect how you think or how you feel like; intimidating, scaring, putting down, checking up on you constantly or name calling.


Everybody deserves to have a healthy relationship with love, trust, good communication, shared interests, sex with consent, privacy, fun, laughter, loyalty, compliments, compromise and equality.

This year in Peterborough the campaign focuses on raising awareness of domestic abuse amongst young people. Everyone’s being urged to show support by wearing a White ribbon during Domestic Abuse Awareness Fortnight between November 25 and December 9.

Peterborough Lions Rugby Football Club and Peterborough Rugby Union Football Club will be supporting the campaign by wearing white armbands during their game at Bretton Gate on November 30. White ribbons will be on sale during the match.

The campaign will raise awareness of domestic abuse with teenagers, asking them to think about how their actions could affect the victim and their families, and what they can do to stop domestic abuse happening.  Teenage domestic abuse can impact any teenager, whether it’s happening to them or one of their friends.

White ribbons can be purchased from the reception areas of the Town Hall on Bridge Street or Bayard Place on Broadway. All donations go to Peterborough Women’s Aid who provide help and support to men and women who have experienced domestic abuse.

If you need advice or support for domestic abuse in Peterborough call 01733 894455 or go to www.respectnotfear.co.uk  and www.saferpeterborough.org.uk


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