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The monthly TechNoir house night in Stamford hosts guest DJ Funkin’ Blue this Saturday July 26 in a first for the area!

Run by well known former Peterborough DJs Lloyd Thompson and Andy Mansfield, these monthly nights are held at The Pear Tree in Stamford and are gaining real momentum.

They tell us this venue has always been dedicated to underground house music and gives the guys behind TechNoir the freedom to be able to play their style for their crowd.

You may remember Lloyd and Andy from the late 90s onwards at venues such as Westside Bar, Cafe En Seine and The Bar amongst others – some of the most popular weekend venues for years in the city.

They took a break for a while but are back big style at The Pear Tree running their own night and on Saturday they bring us their first international guest DJ Funkin’ Blue who’s been hugely influential on the Belgrade house music scene. He’ll be supported by TechNoir residents Andy and Lloyd, Sam Wakeham and James Bettinson.

Lloyd told ESP – “Whilst Blue isn’t known in the UK, back home he has legendary status, being hugely influential in bringing the western house music sound to Belgrade dance floors. Blue has had residences at all the major house clubs in Belgrade such as Mint, Mladost, Radionica, Krug, Mikser Festival, Central Park, Brankow, Soho Republic, Incognito, Omen and Jazzbina. Blue’s sound derives from the true roots of house music, with grooving base lines and he has a canny ability to read a crowd whatever the situation.”

To find out more about him you can check out

All their nights are FREE entry, they have FREE CD give aways each month and have an exclusive deal with Peterborough City Cabs on discounted rates to and from Peterborough – 01733 341111.

Follow them on Twitter and find them on facebook – TechNoirEast



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