We’re very excited about Ian Waite and Camilla Dallerup waltzing their way to Stamford on Thursday September 31.

We’re really sad to say though that this is Camilla’s last tour after leaving Strictly, she has reinvented her life in favour of a new career across the pond in Los Angeles.

In response to this being Camilla’s last ever tour she commented, “It is! I now live in Los Angeles and have re-trained as a Life Coach and Meditation teacher. It feels like the right time to hand Ian over to some younger models!”

On the other hand we’re happy to know that Ian isn’t planning on stopping dancing for the time being anyway (phew), he said, “I’m not giving up anytime soon… if I can help it! Hopefully I can handle these younger models.” Camilla is not going to bundle her dress in the back of the cupboard and forget about it though, she said to Ian, “I do love to dance the Rumba with you, so I’ll keep my dress for that!”

You can see their stunning Rumba routine in the show. There are also some amazing ballroom routines and Latin routines as well. This up close and personal show promises to be a night to remember with exquisite performances, singing and stories from their time on the BBC show.

Paul Amer is also set to star in this sparkly show, Camilla says, “The talented Paul Amer, is a professional singer who has toured with us many times. He will entertain you while we change our costumes!”

Local talent will also be featured in the shows. Ian commented, “It’s nice to share the spotlight with young people. They get to experience the buzz of performing and you never know, one day some of them may have their own show!”

The Farewell Tour is coming to Stamford Corn Exchange on Thursday September 21. Don’t miss out on your last chance to see this dynamic duo perform together for the very last time. You can book on the Stamford Corn Exchange website or call the box office on 01780 766455. 

Ellie Pybus


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