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Experience a unique night of culture at the open air theatre at Tolethorpe Hall!

Watch Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew with a 1950s Italian twist from July 1 –  July 5 and July 14 – 19. You’re under cover while the actors perform on an outdoor stage. Bianca isn’t allowed to marry until her sister Katherine is but Petrucchio believes he can tame a ‘shrew’ and make her fall for him! Will he succeed or will Katherine have the last laugh?

From July 28 until August 2 and August 11 -16 witness Rosalind’s attempts to find love in the Forest of Arden in As You Like It, a comedy of disguise and identity.

Although it isn’t written by the bard, this season you can also go down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass with Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland from July 7 – 12  and from July 21 – 26. Marvel at the white rabbit, smile at the Cheshire cat but beware of the red queen shouting ‘off with their heads’!

Tickets are £13 on Monday – Thursday, £15 on Friday and £18 on Saturday. Matinee performances are £13 for adults and £7.50 for a child ticket. Get £2 off each ticket if you book for all three plays! Tickets are available online at or call 01780 756133.

Why not enjoy a picnic in the grounds of the Hall before hand?

Sharna Ridge


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