If you love Blues music don’t miss this amazing night of live music!

If you’re a fan of this music this  award-winning show is going to make you anything but blue! From Delta blues to Jack White, ‘Blues!’ covers the history of the genre.

‘BLUES!’, is a show that covers the entire history of blues music in 90 minutes, featuring a fabulous 9 piece band – the Edinburgh-based rhythm and blues band The Blueswater.


From the music of the 1920s, all the way to the modern blues movement that draws upon the influences of guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn this has the lot.

It’s been described as a – ‘Terrific set of blues songs performed with zest and wit. A great night out.’

One of the few winners of the “Mervyn Stutter Spirit of the Edinburgh Fringe” award in 2012, the show plays through a 90-year history of blues music in 90 minutes, its 9-piece band ranging from early blues songs from the Mississippi Delta to the modern stylings of Jack White. ‘Blues!’ enjoyed its world premiere at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe and is the creation of the members of The Blueswater, a group of young, Scotland-based musicians who perform regularly across the United Kingdom.

“We all love listening and playing the blues, and we constantly discover the amazing variety in what seems to be such simple music,” says frontman and show producer Felipe Schrieberg. “The show rips open these discoveries.”


Blues itself began as tribal music in Mali, then transported to the United States by slaves. It gained universal popularity thanks to global communications technology. Musicians would take its simple structure, and mould it to their own styles that reflected their cultural surroundings, whether the big band bombast of the jazz age, the overdriven guitar sounds of the British blues movement, or the funk music of black urban musicians in the 1970s.

‘Blues!’ pays homage to the styles and showmen who influenced the genre, which in turn has left its indelible stamp on modern music.

Enjoy photos, videos, and original songs from The Blueswater at

Get your toes tapping at Stamford Arts Centre on Saturday February 22.

Tikcets are £12 (£10 concs & groups over 4) on 01780 763203.

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