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Peterborough-based filmmaker Mikey Clarke’s second Short Film shows he’s got a dramatic eye with this horror-tinted outing.

Dead Famous builds on his first effort – last year’s Kelly Chambers – with this more structurally consistent ten minute spine chiller that shows lots of promise.

The general script may consist of some familiar horror tropes, but with the noteworthy acting of Wendy Trevor and Amy Snitch – who play the victim and killer – and a clever twist at the end, Mikey again shows he’s got a few moves behind the camera.

This is particularly prevalent when he provides a few moments of tension that makes this well worth a watch.

Combined with some noteworthy editing from ESP videographer Mitch Brewster and sound effects from Harry Knight, then Mikey shows enough promise with this impressive second stab at short films.

Looking forward to his third instalment already . . .

Watch Dead Famous here and make up your own mind. [youtube id=”S5lDOaxKENo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Gavin Miller

Photos: Screen shots Mitchell Brewster Media, portrait shot Andrew James Photography.


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