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If this doesn’t make you feel festive, I don’t know what will!

Dreamboats and Petticoats: The Christmas Party, premiered at the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough. It’s running until December 27 and I highly recommend it for lovers of Rock ‘n’ Roll music and all things Christmas.

The latest instalment in the Dreamboats saga sees the kids of St Mungo’s Youth Club having the time of their lives preparing for and performing in a concert, after being asked to perform ‘Live from St Mungo’s’ on national TV for Christmas! The problem is, Christmas is just around the corner and the kids (including Bobby, Laura, Norman and Sue) don’t know any festive tunes. Will they be able to blag a performance or will it be a disaster? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

The show opens with a rendition of the headline track, Dreamboats and Petticoats, and from then on the intensity doesn’t stop. Just watching the first half left me exhausted, after the cast of around 12 sing and dance their hearts out to 50’s tunes we all know and love. Their stamina remains to the very end, with some impressive vocal performances from the lead guys and girls to enjoy. And don’t worry, all your Christmas favourites are covered, whether it’s Jingle Bell Rock or Little Donkey!

OK, so the storyline (written especially for Peterborough) isn’t exactly hard to follow and sometimes the jokes fall flat, but does that matter? What I – and a majority of the audience, I’m sure – really care about is the music. This show is full of Rock ‘n’ Roll classics that will get you tapping your feet and singing along. Not one performer doesn’t belong on that stage – belting out songs with voices that wouldn’t even feel out of place in the West End.

It was great to see a local performance venue so busy. Make sure you grab your tickets for a great festive night out.

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Mikey Clarke


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