A city Academy is launching new gym and fitness partnership in Peterborough which will enable the local community to benefit from its brand new facilities.

As part of its £14.25 million transformation, Nene Park Academy has teamed up with leisure and fitness brand Rech@rge to provide an opportunity for the local community to share its new gym and fitness centre.

Rech@rge at Nene Park Academy will officially open on Monday January 7, offering affordable membership and individual fitness sessions.

The Academy will have sole use of the centre during the day for PE lessons but in the evening it will be open to the community with a wide variety of fitness classes ranging from Zumba, Bokwa, and spinning through to classics like old school aerobics, and use of a small state of the art gym.

We’re thrilled with our new fitness facilities and want to make sure that we make the most of it” said Steve Howard, Vice Principal at Nene Park Academy. “That’s why we teamed up with Rech@rge to enable the local community to share them with us.

We really want the centre to be a hub for the community, providing fitness sessions and reaching out to people of all ages. The dance studio for fitness classes is a superb large space so we’ll be able to open our doors to more people than many other facilities are able to.”

Rech@rge at Nene Park Academy’s manager, Catherine Graver, shares the Academy’s enthusiasm for the partnership. “We’re excited to be working with Nene Park Academy. The facilities are great and we want to bring a new and recharged way to help people get results.

We have some of Peterborough’s most experienced and talented fitness professionals on board and will be offering studio only memberships from as little as £17 a month.

We know that many people end up paying large monthly gym fees for facilities that they don’t use. Our studio programme is designed to offer affordable fitness classes for everyone with no lengthy contracts. The early evening session will be for young people, followed by a wide range of sessions for different audiences.

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