ESP’s Anna Ruggiero caught up with the Plump DJs as they prepare for a set at The Solstice in Peterborough…


Made up of beat loving duo, Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, the Plump DJs are a London-based DJ and producer team making and playing electronic dance music and are both early pioneers of the breakbeat genre back in the late 90s – something us mid 30s generation will be aware of!

I caught up with the breakbeat masters to find out what they’ve been up to, where they’re heading and what sounds they plan to bring to us lucky lot in Peterborough.

For those that don’t know you, tell us about the Plump DJs?

“We’re a two-man DJ and producer team who were instrumental in the creation of the breakbeat music genre in the early noughties.

“Through our productions, albums and compilations, we forged an identity that’s lasted over 15 years and taken us to perform worldwide to the biggest and smallest clubs and festivals during our career.

“We enjoyed a ten-year residency at Fabric Nightclub London and produce new and innovative dance music from our Soho studio.”

You’re playing at The Solstice in November. What can we expect?

“We’ll be playing a retrospective set celebrating 15 years of our best singles and remixes and remastered vinyl era of breakbeat gems.

“We DJ on four decks, playing an unplanned set to enhance the night and get people dancing. It’ll be a late one too!”

How do you view the current breaks scene at the mo?

“Breakbeat as a genre is still popular worldwide and is drawing new fans that are pulling in records from the new and expanding bass music and jungle house genres.

“With many house and electro DJs now experimenting with breakbeat releases again, there seems to be somewhat of a resurgence in interest in this style of dance music however, the scene has gone underground again in recent times with most big clubs supporting house and techno, genres that are in full boom at the moment.

“We’re underground dance music and this is a title we’ve always loved!”

What’s coming up?

“Our new album Plump Life is out in March 2016 and our new single Spheres is out now available to listen to and buy at”

For up to date tour dates and more info visit and

Catch the Plump DJs Saturday November 28 at The Solstice –  free admission until midnight, admission from £3 afterwards.