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A city hairdresser proved he’s a cut above the rest when he joined comedian Chris Ramsay for a recent stunt for his new show.

Salon owner Kai Wan from P.Kair hair answered a twitter callout for a hairdresser from comedian and actor Chris Ramsay who’s currently filming his new show on Comedy Central.

Kai hopped on a train heading to Leeds and taught Chris and Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing how to cut hair whilst on a train.

Jamie and Chris, under the watchful eye of Kai managed to find a willing participant to get their haircut and the segment will be featured on the new show, due to air in January 2017.

Kai told ESP – “It was an incredibly exciting and spontaneous day! I had to join the train at Peterborough station (they told me which carriage to get on to) and suddenly there was a crew filming me – so I had no time to prepare. Chris and Jamie Laing from Made In Chelsea did an announcement over the tannoy to ask for volunteers to get their hair cut and in the meantime I had to give them the quickest crash course in some basic cutting! They tried their best on the willing client and the results were …interesting. It’s always exciting to see where your skills can take you.”

IMAGE (L-R) – Chris Ramsey, Ali (the client), Jamie Laing and Kai Wan


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